Publishing and Lectures

Publishing and Lectures: In 2015, Martin’s articles on Health Law and Medical Ethics won an award from the State Bar of Texas for best series on Ethics, and have been published hundreds of times in national and local health magazines and journals, including: The Federal Lawyer, the official journal the federal bar, the Texas Bar Journal, Physicians Practice Magazine, Diagnostic Imaging Magazine, Psychiatric Times, Becker’s Hospital Review, and the Dallas Medical Journal.

Martin was named a contributing editor to the Dallas trade publication, D Healthcare Daily. In 2014 Martin was asked by the ABA Health Law Section to author three chapters on Stark Law and Medical Ethics in the book, The ABC’s of ACO’s. Martin is an annual featured speaker for the Health Law Section of the Dallas Bar Association, and a featured speaker for the North Texas Healthcare COmpliance Association.

Legal Ethics

Legal Ethics: Martin delivers the annual CLE seminar on Legal Ethics each year to the DBA Health Law Section and to the THLA Health Law Seminar. Martin’s article, co-authored with the late Ed Vishnevetski, written for the Dallas Bar Association Headnotes, won the 2015 State Bar of Texas Award for Best Series of Legal Articles on the subject of Legal Ethics. Martin was previously appointed Special Disciplinary Counsel at the Texas Commission for Lawyer Discipline, prosecuting ethics complaints, and was appointed in 2013 to the ethics committee of the Dallas Bar Association. Martin also represents lawyers in ethics cases. Notable legal ethics cases include defense of a group of lawyers sued by televangelist, Robert Tilton, following an NBS Primetime Live Expose, in Tilton v. Richardson, 6 F.3d 683 (10th Cir. 1993); appointment by the 191st District Court to mediate a legal ethics lawsuit involving Guess Jeans model and reality star Anna Nichol Smith, and billionaire Howard Marshall, Howard Marshal III v. Anna Nichol Smith, No 95-9248. (1995). Martin filed suit against Greg Abbott, the Attorney General of the State of Texas, in his capacity as Attorney General of the State of Texas on behalf of Valerie Saxion, to enjoy the state’s attempt to restrict her free speech rights as the host of an alternative health program on the world’s largest Christian television network in State of Texas v. Valerie Saxion, Inc., 450 S W. 3d 602 (Tex. App. —Ft. Worth 2014)

Books Authored

The ABC’s of ACO’s

Chapters on Stark Law and AMA Ethics as they relate to Accountable Care Organizations, expected out 2014, Health Law Section of the American Bar Association.

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